Hi, I am Ginny Allen
>Hi, I am Ginny Allen

Hi, I am Ginny Allen
Aspiring Software Engineer

About Me

I graduated with a Computer Science degree from Florida State University in December 2024, achieving a GPA of 3.9. Beyond my academic achievements, my passion for computer science drives me to constantly seek new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Proficient in C++, Python, Java, and SQL, I've developed a solid foundation in object-oriented programming, data structures, algorithms, and full-stack development. As a Teaching Assistant at FSU, I conducted weekly office hours to offer guidance and clarification to students on assignments, course material, and programming concepts. Graded assignments, and aided in rubric development as well. Previously, as a Tutorial Assistant, I supported students in understanding complex programming concepts.

My aspirations are centered around becoming a software engineer, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a profound passion for computer science. I eagerly look forward to channeling my expertise into impactful projects in the field.


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Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code

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Android Studio


Card Game

The game is implemented as a digital version where players can challenge an AI opponent. The project aims to provide an immersive gaming experience by allowing players to customize the game's background and card backs according to their preferences.

implemented as a digital version where players can challenge an AI opponent. The project implemented as a digital version where players can challenge an AI opponent. The project

Java with full UI and open-source asserts in Java Swing
E-commerce Platform

This project is focused on developing a robust, web-enabled e-commerce platform. Starting as a console application, it evolves to offer a user-friendly interface, efficient inventory management, and a streamlined checkout process. It supports search functionality, sorting options, promotional offers, and the ability to handle multiple shopping carts. The platform ensures data persistence, facilitating seamless interactions between the client and server, and maintains its state across sessions and restarts.

C# and WPF/UWP/Xamarin.Forms
TechTeller - Python News Aggregator Web Application

A Flask-based, interactive web platform integrating Auth0 for user authentication, allowing users to view, like, or dislike real-time news from Hacker News API. Featured admin controls, automated database updates with cron jobs, and user-specific news feed customization.

Python, Flask, HTML, CSS, SQLite, Gunicorn, and Nginx.
Various Console-Based Projects

This collection includes console applications I've made using Java, C, and C++. Each project shows my ability to write clean, effective code, solve problems, and use the right data structures and algorithms. These projects cover a range of programming styles, from low-level C programming to object-oriented programming in Java and C++. They show my wide range of skills and commitment to good programming practices.

Java, C, C++

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